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Reply 1994 Korean Drama Review

It had been a week ago since I wanna make review from a movie, Ender’s Game. But I hadn’t time for it and my memories already fade away so it was too late to make it.

Right now, I’m so addict with THE HEIRS and REPLY 1994, fyi it’s korean drama. So i just will start to make review for Reply 1994. Reply 1994 is a romantic and comedy drama that airs on friday-saturday at 21.00 (KST) or 19.00 (WIB) on tvN. Maybe you already watched Reply 1997 (staring by apink eunji & seo in guk) but Reply 1994 it’s not prequel of this drama. Because the main cast was very different, the plot also different and they had their own good stories to watch. Even though for some scene you’ll find the similar feeling with Reply 1997 in Reply 1994.

At beginning, after I watched Reply 1997, I believe the sequel (Reply 1994) will not be good as Reply 1997. I took the example like Dream High 2 which is sequel for Dream High. But my prediction was totally WRONG! To be honest, if we look to the plot stories, Reply 1994 has better way. It developed the seven character of students who lived together at a boarding house while they attending a university in Seoul.

Now, until Nov 16, Reply 94 already aired 10 episode and it hits high rating until 10%. If we want to compare it with rating from Reply 97, the highest rating is just 9% in the last episode. However, people interested to watch also because the success from Reply 97 with great cast + great stories. Fyi, 10% is an unmaginable number for a cable channel program. It won’t be the same if we compare to rating from sbs, kbs or mbc.

What I really like from Reply 1994 is triangle love between Najung (staring by Go ara), ssereuki (Jung woo) and chilbong (yoo yeon seok who ever played in gu family book), their love story make me feel like butterflies flying in my stomach, absolutely romantic! Then there are so many scene that will make you laugh so hard beacuse of their stupid act, but in the others point you’ll find yourself crying because the touching moments. It will not be surprise if I already told you the stories, you better watch it by yourself! I think that’s all what i can tell you. Feel free to chat & discuss with me :D Thank you for reading…

Note: I didn’t say Reply 1997 is bad, I also love this drama and make me knew charming Eunji. But in some ways, I prefer Reply 1994.
If you want to download the drama, you can visit and follow their twitter @shunhyungx

Ok, Happy watching yall :D

→ FT Island and CN Blue to Appear in a FNC Reality Drama

"FNC Entertainment is keeping in the family with its next project. 

Cheongdam-dong 111, a FNC reality drama, is set to premiere on tvN on November 21.

The 8-episode long reality drama will show things that happen inside FNC Entertainment. The stars who work with the FNC Entertainment include FT Island, CN Blue, AOA, Juniel, Song Eun Yi, Actor Lee Dong Gun, and Park Kwang Hyun. 

The drama will show not only the celebrities, but everyone else who works in the building such as the CEO, managers, office assistants, and the trainees who are preparing for their debut in the future.

As a reality drama, there will be no scripts, and it will focus on how things work in an entertainment company, such as the process of debuting a new celebrity, and making them into a star.

One of the funny points to look forward to in this drama will be the ‘Tom and Jerry’ relationship between FT Island’s member Lee Hong Gi and the CEO Han Sung Ho.”

cr. M Wave 

Yeay! Will be great

(Source: fti5, via cnbkangminhyuk)

Go and chase your dreams, you won’t regret it. Anything can happen if you let it.
– @disneywords

→ The Heirs K-Drama

I wanna share link to download The Heirs korean drama with super quick update every week & this is so easy to download. Fyi The Heirs is one of the phenomenal drama with great casting such as Lee minho, Park shinhye, Kim woobin, Kang minhyuk (CNBLUE), Krystal (FX), Park hyungsik (ZE:A), Choi jinhyuk and many more. But, the most interested for me is chanyoung & lee bona, they’re so cute being a couple kekeke~
Note: you also can download japan dorama & movie in that website:D

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing Cover (Feat. Suci RPO)

Lucky Jason Mraz Cover (Feat. Suci RPO) at The Pavilion Dago Asri

RIAU’s crude oil

Did you know where is Riau? Did you know that Riau is very rich? Did you know Riau has much oil to produce?
Maybe you don’t know about it, Riau is one of province in Sumatera island, Indonesia. Riau has been famous with one of the biggest oil producer in Indonesia. Our Riau has produced the most good crude oil in the world because the oil was light and people can mention it as Sumatera Light Crude or SLC. Crude oil price in Riau is higher than crude oil in Saudi Arabia or Middle east and every year Riau has produced much crude oil. But why Indonesia still be developing country? And why Riau doesn’t popular around the world? It’s ironic. Maybe next time i’ll share the fact about it to you guys :-)

talk about future

mau kuliah aja repot. ini bukan masalah biaya kuliah, daftar ataupun takut ga bisa lulus di universitas yang diinginkan. hanya saja, ini masalah restu keluarga. nggak tau harus gimana cara buat ngeyakinin kakak kalau aku maunya sekolah di kota ini aja alias di UNRI. untuk mama, beliau sangat setuju dengan keputusan aku buat kuliah di pekanbaru. untuk papa, walaupun aku tahu beliau berharap banyak dari aku tapi aku akan buktikan ke papa kalau aku juga bisa jadi orang bahagia dunia akhirat walaupun hanya kuliah di pekanbaru. ini juga demi kebaikan keluarga kita pa, agar tidak berpisah jauh dari orang-orang yang kita sayangi disini.

tanggal 3 mei kemarin, papa mau menemani aku interview di UNRI dari pagi sampai sore. yaah, walaupun ternyata alasan papa nungguin aku karena bensin mahal kalau bolak-balik panam-rumah-panam. terus walaupun papa juga sering cerepet dengan fasilitas, ketidaksiapan univertas, sumber daya manusia dan lain-lain tapi papa nggak punya pilihan lain karena anaknya bersikeras mau kuliah di pekanbaru aja! aku nggak berhenti berdoa supaya papa ngerti dengan keputusan aku ini.

mungkin aku aneh, banyak anak yang tidak diizinkan orang tuanya kuliah diluar. sedangkan aku, sangat-sangat diizinkan hanya saja aku yang tidak mau. aku sudah memikirkannya matang-matang. ini masalah agama, keluarga dan ketidakinginan aku untuk menjadi wanita karier nantinya (melihat pengalaman orang tua)

aku pernah nangis karena kakak, karena ucapannya yang meremehkan pilihanku. sehingga sampai sekarang aku jadi ga mau ketemu dia di bogor. aku takut akan nangis terus kalau ketemu dia, karena aku ini lemah banget kalau dikata-katain sama dia atau kelahi sama dia, biasanya aku langsung nangis :”( aku nggak mau kelihatan lemah didepan keluarga aku, apalagi kakak! dia tetap ga bisa ngerubah pikiran aku yang ingin kuliah disini. terserah kakak mau ngatain aku gimana, atau mau ceramahin aku gimana. i just trying to walk in my own two shoes!